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Installing an External Insulation System is only part of the journey for your home, like a quality car, the system needs to be cared for. Installed properly a good system will last for many years, in fact the components in some cases have a provable 60 year life (BBA Approvals). If however the outer surface becomes damaged or punctured water can enter the system. Water ingress can cause serious problems especially if it freezes, this will cause the water to expand and effectively “Blow” the render.

Warranty – If you read the small print of any warranty it will usually mention that the warranty is void unless the product is used and cared for properly. PRS can offer specialised inspection and reports for your peace of mind. Our three step process will give you peace of mind knowing that you are protecting your investment.

1. InspectionPRS will visit your property, carry our full technical inspection and prepare a report detailing our findings. We will explain why what we have found in plain terms and categorise the issues distinguishing between cosmetic issues or system failure.

2. RepairPRS will deliver a no obligation quote to the property owner if any work is required. We are then able to schedule one of our dedicated repair teams to quickly rectify the problems

3. RejuvenatePRS can offer a cleaning and maintenance program to keep your investment looking it’s best, Render can become dirty where the building is close to high traffic routes or dusty locations. Cleaning the system will protect the look and function of the technical surface and. This will increase the saleable/rentable value of property

Some manufacturers will extend the warranty period where evidence can be shown of proper care and maintenance, again this is useful for your peace of mind and future value.

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