Cavity Extraction

Cavity Wall insulation has been the nation’s answer to insulating homes for the last 20 years or so. Houses built from the late 1940’s may have been constructed with cavity in the outer walls, the air trapped between was to some degree the insulator. In the 1980’s Building Regulations required new properties to have insulation material in the cavity.

Following this change there was a fashion trend to retrospectively fill the non-insulated properties with an injected material, generally mineral wool or cotton fibre. Because the cavity is now fully bridged there is now no airflow and because the outer wall is not completely waterproof, dap penetrates and causes the fill to be saturated and settle so that the top half of the house is then not insulated, and the bottom half can then become very damp on the inside.

Today there are very good waterproof cavity fills available that prevent the above issues, where EWI is not suitable we can provide cavity fill through one of our partner installers.

Cavity Extraction Process

Depending on your property type we will extract the cavity from the outside either by removing some bricks or cutting a neat hole, this causes minimal impact to your property and means that apart from entering your home to check for air vents prior to the extraction process the whole process is external.

We can deliver up to 98% extractions and will provide you with before and after photos of your cavity.

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